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Dr. Koen Van Noten

Structural Geology - Earthquake Geology - Geophysics - Macroseismology -
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Royal Observatory of Belgium
Department of Reference systems and Geodynamics
Ringlaan 3, B-1180 Brussels, Belgium

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E -mail: koen.vannoten[at]seismology.be
Tel.: +32 2 790 39 18
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This website will not be updated anymore after 10.12.2016

Please visit my new personal website: https://sites.google.com/site/koenvannoten/


20.02.2017: NEW PAPER ACCEPTED: Van Noten, K., Lecocq, T., Hinzen, K.-G., Sira, C. & Camelbeeck, T. 

Path and Site effects deduced from merged transfrontier internet macroseismic data of two recent M4 earthquakes in NW Europe. 

Solid Earth  http://www.solid-earth-discuss.net/se-2016-150/  


06.07.2016: Submit an abstract to our AGU Session ! 

Hough, S.E., Bossu, R., Martin, S.S., Van Noten, K. 2016. Session S018: Macroseismic Data: Challenges, Opportunities, and Insights. 

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 12-16 December 2016, San Francisco, USA.

28.04.2016  A Smart way to map earthquake impact: Our online "DYFI?" macroseismic survey/research in the spotlight at EGU's Geolog

20.04.2016  Member of the brand new ECS representative Team of the EGU 
Seismology Division!

01.04.2016 NEW PAPER: Visualizing cross-sectional data in a Real World Context.
EOS, Transactions AGU 97, 16-19.  YOUTUBE

EOS van noten

Antwerp (Belgium) -  Explosion due to construction works in Antwerp mislead people in thinking it was an "Earthquake"
Results of the macroseismic survey of Seismologie.be.
Notice the strong influence of the NE wind on the distribution of "heard" reports.  
Antwerpen explosie
Antwerpen boom boom

Launch of the Early Career Scientist EGU Seismology Division survey to give students in Seismology and Geophysics more research visibility.
 Read it all on the EGU blog or follow the EGU Seismology facebook page.

01.06.2015 Our paper on the source of the 2008-2010 seismic swarm in the Brabant Massif
is published in Tectonophysics:

12.12.2013   NEW FNRS POST-DOC RESEARCH GRANT for performing a site effect study in Central Belgium

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