Curriculum Vitae of Michel Van Camp

Michel Van Camp
Royal Observatory of Belgium
Avenue Circulaire, 3
BE-1180 Uccle
Tel : + 32 2 373 0265
Fax : + 32 2 373 0339
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Education & Training

  • Doctor in Sciences, Catholic University of Louvain, summa cum laude (1998-12-11, “Qualification of a superconducting gravimeter at periods longer than 100 seconds”).
  • Qualified school teacher, Catholic University of Louvain, cum laude (1993).
  • Master of Science (physics), Catholic University of Louvain, magna cum laude (1993).


  • 2015-present Head of Seismology-Gravimetry service at the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
  • 2008-2014 “Chef de Travaux Agrégé” at the Royal Observatory of Belgium (rank given for exceptional scientific achievements).
  • 2009-present: Scientific Research Worker (“Collaborateur scientifique”) at the Faculty of Engineering/Faculté Polytechnique de Mons (U. Mons).
  • 2009: invited professor at the U. Paris-Diderot/PRES Sorbonne Paris-Cité/Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (1 month).
  • 2005-2008: Senior scientist at the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
  • 1999-2004: Junior scientist (civil servant) at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, Seismology section.
  • 1995-1998: FRIA (National Fund for Research in Industry and Agriculture) fellowship.
  • 1993-1994: Graduate researcher at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy.


  • 2006 Editors’ Citation for Excellence in Refereeing for Geophys. Res. Lett.
  • Award for the best oral presentation (1st prize) at the International meeting of the Belgian Physical Society, Ghent University, 27-28 May 2003 (€ 1500 for a study tour of universities).
  • FRIA Fellowship 1995-1998

Research interest

  • Intraplate deformation;
  • Space and land based gravimetry;
  • Hydrological effects on gravity;
  • Metrology (superconducting and absolute gravimeters);
  • Seismology (incl. participation in numerous interviews for the press including TV, Radio and newspapers (in French and Dutch)).


Scientific Publications & communications

  • 41 publications in international journals, with reviewing committee (20 as 1st author);
  • 7 publications in international meeting proceedings with reviewing committee;
  • 15 publications in conferences and international meetings proceedings without committee;
  • 6 publications in international journal without reviewing committee;
  • 11 scientific popularisation publications.
  • (01-2016) Review of 154 papers, proceedings and scientific proposals:
    Referee for Contrib. Geophys. & Geod., Geod. & Geodyn., Geophys. Res. Lett., Geophys. J. Int., J. Geod., J. Geodyn., J. Geophys. Res., Hydrogeology J., Meas. Sci. Technol., Metrologia, Phys. Chem. Earth, Rep. Progress Physics, Seismological Res. Lett., Tectonic, Tectonophysics, Water Resources Res., conference proceedings and funding agencies.

Participation to Conferences, Colloquia and Congresses